What is Artician Bread and how is it made?

What is Artician Bread and how is it made?

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There is no denying that bread has been an integral part of most people’s diets over the past century. Eastern countries did not have a bread-based culture, they loved rice and noodles as much.

This comes as no surprise because there is something about the aroma of freshly baked bread that excites people’s appetites.

But, in recent years, old-fashioned and artisan breads have become increasingly popular, amid the creation of new varieties. In fact, you won’t find them in specialty bakeries anymore. Even grocers, convenience stores and department stores sell them.

Many people, especially, foodies say they appreciate how artisanal bread doesn’t contain harmful additives, which can trigger a myriad of health issues.

Additionally, lifestyle changes have made artisan bread the only alternative to bread for some.

Some of these lifestyle changes are present day household, organic living and traditional housewife.

It is also notable that, during physically restrictive times, many people are being motivated to learn traditional bread-making (which is the foundation of artisanal bread), due to the temporary shortage of panic-bought bread. .

In addition to those above reasons, a lot of foods are partial to artisan bread because:

1. It is easy to make.

Did you know that you can make artisan bread for your family with just four ingredients (flour, salt, yeast, water) and a fair amount of patience? With such a few ingredients, even the biggest amateur baker won’t have trouble baking bread for every meal, tea, and snack time.

Did you also know that there are types of artisan bread with minimal ingredients that don’t even require kneading?

All you need to do is mix the dough with a wooden spoon to make sure all the ingredients are well incorporated, let it rise and ferment for a few hours, place in your oven in a dutch oven, Et voila – you get a delicious and fragrant bread for many days to come.

2. This is a unique roti.

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One of the best qualities of artisan bread is that it is healthier for most people. It is enriched with enzymes that break down the gluten in flour better and faster.

In addition, some recipes offer more nutritional value. They may also have more fiber (from nuts, seeds, and fruits), antioxidants, and other minerals that are helpful for people with diabetes and heart disease.

3. It is usually loud.

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Another lovely thing about artisan bread is that it isn’t loaded with flavor, even if you add herbs, seeds, or even aromatics like onions and garlic. Therefore, it is the perfect bread for savory spreads and elaborate sandwich dishes.

Artisan bread does not compete with or pair with dishes. Taste-wise, its contribution is usually a subtle flavor that complements a dish or a bunch of ingredients wonderfully.

This is one reason why some of Dubai’s best seafood restaurants only use artisan bread for chowder and seafood sandwiches.

4. It’s beautiful and delicious.

Gastronomers greatly appreciate the amount of work devoted to the production of food. Therefore, it is no surprise that they enjoy bread that is perfect in taste and form and rooted in traditions.

In fact, you can’t help but find more joy in a hand-made bread that looks like a woman’s braided hair or is carved like leaves, has a story behind it, and most importantly, Quite delicious even with a thin spread of homemade butter.

5. Bread has a beautiful natural color.

Color has a very strong appeal to a lot of people (especially foodies), and while it looks natural, most people automatically think it’s high quality and good for them. The thing is, there’s nothing artificial about artisan bread. Better yet, it’s actually higher quality and better for health.

Most bakers of artisan bread would not dare to use artificial food dyes or processed ingredients, and only rely on multi-grain, rye or pumpernickel, organic coloring of beets and seeds to alter the color of the bread.

6. It’s special.

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As touched on a bit above, artisan breads don’t have a common appearance, and typically, people buy them from modern factories or bakeries with highly experienced bakers rather than equipment.

Thus, you cannot help but feel fanatical when you consume this type of bread.

Bakers also point out that there is a better multicultural satisfaction you can get from artisan bread. It has a unique sound, a more complex combination of textures, a beautiful smell and a variety of natural colors.

The loaves also never look the same, unlike your typical store-bought white bread.

The popularity of artisan bread has meant a preservation of traditions and more healthy options for everyday meals.

Where to learn to make artisan bread?

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Artisan loaves are often pricier (which is another factor behind the special feel they provide). But your budget doesn’t often need to take a hit to enjoy high-quality bread.

As said before, there are incredibly easy artisan breads recipes that you can follow, and if you want to learn how to make countless varieties of this bread, you can enroll in artisan bread making classes in Dubai can.

  1. online

You can learn how to make such roti online on platforms like YouTube. One such recipe that I have made.

  1. personal cooking class

As said before, there are incredibly easy recipes that you can follow, and if you want to learn how to make countless varieties of this bread, you can take an artisan bread-making class in Dubai or your own private bread maker in your city. You can enroll in a cooking class.

I know you felt very nice and tempted to know about this artisanal roti. You must try to make this roti. Your taste will also change and after eating your family members will applaud you.