Chicken Momos Recipe


Chicken Momos Recipe  we have brought Chicken Momos Recipe for you. Momos is a popular street food of India. Veg Momos Chicken Momos are very tasty like Veg Momos. It is also called Chicken Momo Chicken Momo. Whoever eats it once, he becomes crazy about it. And of course, chicken momos are very easy to …


Soan Papdi Recipe


Soan Papdi Recipe  we have brought Soan Papdi recipe for you. Soan papdi is such a sweet, which is very easy to make. Soan Papdi Sweet The special thing about Soan Papdi Sweet is that you can keep it and use it for a long time. It is liked by all children and adults. You …


Chicken Manchurian Recipe


Chicken Manchurian Recipe  we have brought you Chicken Manchurian Recipe. Chicken Manchurian is a Chinese recipe. It is eaten as a snack. It is very tasty and adds color to a wedding or party. You can make Chicken Manchurian in two ways. Chicken Manchurian Dry Chicken Manchurian Dry and Chicken Manchurian Gravy as Chicken Manchurian …


Chinese Samosa Recipe


Chinese Samosa Recipe we have brought you Chinese Samosa Recipe. This is an indo chinese recipe. It is also called Noodles Samosa Noodles Samosa. Aloo Samosa Like Aloo Samosa, Chinese Samosa is also very tasty. Once children eat it, they become a fan of it. You should also note the method of making Chinese samosa …


Apple Shake Recipe


Apple Shake Recipe  we have brought you Apple Shake Recipe. Apple Milkshake Banana Milkshake is a healthy energy drink. It is very tasty to drink. That’s why kids and adults like it all. If you are also looking for a healthy drink, then definitely try the method of making apple shake. We hope you enjoy …


How to make Beet Juice Chukandar Juice Recipe


How to make Beet Juice Chukandar Juice Recipe we have brought beetroot juice recipe for you. Beetroot has many medicinal and health benefits. It is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. That is why it is also known as a superfood. It is a source of natural sugars. It also contains calcium, magnesium, minerals, iron, potassium, …


How to make Sambar Masala Sambar Masala Recipe in Hindi


How to make Sambar Masala we have brought Sambar Masala Recipe for you. Sambar is a South Indian dish, which is used with Idli, Dosa and Vada. And the most important role in making delicious Sambar is that of Sambar Masala Sambar Masala. Usually people use spices (masala) to make sambar.List of Spices with Pictures) …


Green Tea Recipe, How to Drink Green Tea Recipe


Green Tea Recipe we have brought you the method of making green tea. Nowadays every health conscious person is found telling the benefits of green tea. According to experts, it is helpful in reducing obesity, improving digestion, energizing and keeping fit. That is why people often keep asking us the time to drink green tea, …


Sweet Corn Chat Recipe


Sweet Corn Chat Recipe we have brought you Sweet Corn Chaat Recipe in Hindi. Sweet corn chaat Sweet corn chaat is very tasty. Hearing its name makes everyone’s mouth water. Be it children or adults, everyone is crazy about it. One reason for this is that apart from being tasty, it is also very healthy. …