Sweets to make in 5 minutes


Sweets to make in 5 minutes Dessert, Sweets, pudding, Cake Many times it happens that suddenly guests come to our house and we do not understand what to feed them. So keeping that in mind, today I have brought a 5-minute recipe made from chocolate, which you can make instantly. Children like it more, so …


Chana Dal Halwa Recipe

sooji ka halwa

Chana Dal Halwa Recipe  who are fond of eating halwa keep trying different types of halwa. Chana dal pudding is also amazing. Those who are fond of eating halwa must know this halwa very well. If you have ever eaten this halwa, then you must have known and liked its taste. Chana dal ka halwa …


How to make Tulsi Green Tea || Tulsi Green Tea Recipe

tulasi green tea

  Tulsi is considered a sacred herb, the Tulsi plant is found in every Hindu household. Tulsi is also worshiped in all these Hindu homes. Not only this, basil is considered to be full of medicinal properties, an element called eugenol is found in basil, which reduces the stress hormones of the body and makes …


Green Tea Recipe, How to Drink Green Tea Recipe


Green Tea Recipe we have brought you the method of making green tea. Nowadays every health conscious person is found telling the benefits of green tea. According to experts, it is helpful in reducing obesity, improving digestion, energizing and keeping fit. That is why people often keep asking us the time to drink green tea, …


juice recipe made in summer


juice recipe made in summer || Orange juice || Watermelon Juice || Pineapple juice || It is the summer season and in such a situation, we adopt new tricks for relief from it, so that we can get relief from summer. In such a situation, eat less food and drink more. That’s why in today’s …


Mango Ice Cream Recipe || mango ice cream recipe

Mango ice cream

Mango Ice Cream Recipe In the summer season, I love to eat cold things, so today we have brought one such recipe for you Mango Ice Cream. You can easily make children’s favorite Mango Ice Cream at home. Mango ice cream is in high demand in the market during the summer season. This Mango Ice …


Sweet Corn Chat Recipe


Sweet Corn Chat Recipe we have brought you Sweet Corn Chaat Recipe in Hindi. Sweet corn chaat Sweet corn chaat is very tasty. Hearing its name makes everyone’s mouth water. Be it children or adults, everyone is crazy about it. One reason for this is that apart from being tasty, it is also very healthy. …