how to Make Malpua for the guests like this everyone will be happy

how to Make Malpua Malpua is a Rajasthani dish, but now it is being liked all over India. If you have ever eaten Malpua before then you would know its taste. This is a sweet and aromatic sweet recipe to eat. Many people eat it outside, but it can be easily made at home too. If you are also afraid to make it at home then do not be afraid at all.

Today we are telling you an easy way to make Malpua. By the way, it does not take much material to make it. But we are making Malpua with even less ingredients and in a simpler way. Now you do not need to eat it outside, you can taste the market like Malpua at home. It is very easy to make and does not take much time.

So let’s start making malpua recipe in hindi without delay. Whether guests come to your house or feel like eating your Malpua. Simply make malpua instantly with this simple method and serve it in a jiffy. You can eat Malpua for breakfast or serve it with your favorite chutney or tea. ,How to make Kaju Katli,

necessary ingredients

Wheat flour 3 bowls
semolina 1 bowl
sugar 1 cup
Cardamom powder 1 tsp
cream 1 tsp
Fennel powder 1 tsp
milk 1 glass
Oil 500 grams (for frying)


To make Malpua, firstly in a big bowl add 3 cups wheat flour and 1 cup semolina and mix well. Now add cardamom powder and fennel powder and mix well again. Now gradually add milk and prepare a thin batter. Now add cream and beat again and keep in mind that no lumps remain in the batter. ,This is an easy way to make Gujiya,

When the batter is ready, keep it aside. Now to make syrup, boil 1 cup of sugar and a cup of water in a ganja. Make the syrup sticky and one string syrup. Now put oil in a non stick pan and heat it on high flame. The oil has to be heated well or else the malpuas will start breaking in the oil.

The oil is hot. Now lift the batter with a spoon and drop a little edge from above. Fry the Malpua till it turns golden brown in color from both the sides. Keep the flame of the gas medium only and fry the malpua with full batter. When it gets fried, dip it in the syrup. Soak the syrup for 5 minutes so that the malpua can absorb the syrup. ,Make succulent rasgulla like this,

After the stipulated time, Malpua is ready to be served. Garnish it with nuts and serve. You can serve the prepared Malpua in tea or even for breakfast.