How to make Sugarcane Vinegar || Sugarcane sirka recipe in hindi

How to make Sugarcane Vinegar


Vinegar is prepared at home by making it in an earthen pot. Sugarcane juice is kept in an earthen pot for two to three months. In ancient times, sugarcane vinegar was used as medicine. Sugarcane vinegar used to be a panacea for diseases at that time, but in today’s time vinegar is used to enhance the taste of food. The juice of sugarcane juice helps in getting rid of the problems caused by heat stroke in the summer. Sugarcane vinegar is beneficial to some extent in skin related problems, BP, low sugar problem, in controlling increasing weight, stomach pain, kidney stones etc. So let’s know how to make sugarcane vinegar.

Required Material || Ingredients for Sugarcane sirka recipe in hindi

Sugarcane juice – 1 liter

iron nails – 2

Method of making || How to make Sugarcane sirka recipe in hindi

  • First of all take sugarcane, filter sugarcane juice through a clean sieve and fill it in an earthen pot.
  • Cover the pitcher and tie it tightly with a cloth, so that the air does not enter the pot.
  • After this, keep this earthen pot in a warm place for 2 months.
  • After the stipulated time check the vinegar, if the color of sugarcane juice has changed and a strong pungent smell also starts coming, then the vinegar is ready.
  • Filter the prepared vinegar with a cotton cloth and keep it in a plastic container.
  • Put green chilies and radishes in the prepared vinegar after drying, when it changes color after being immersed in vinegar, then serve vinegar and radish with urad dal.

Vinegar is beneficial for health as well as being tasty in food, but too much can be harmful to us. If you also want to prepare sugarcane vinegar by making it at home, then follow this recipe, write about the recipe of your choice in the comment box.