Chana Dal Halwa Recipe

Chana Dal Halwa Recipe  who are fond of eating halwa keep trying different types of halwa. Chana dal pudding is also amazing. Those who are fond of eating halwa must know this halwa very well. If you have ever eaten this halwa, then you must have known and liked its taste. Chana dal ka halwa is made from gram dal. The special ingredient for making it is desi ghee, which adds to its taste and aroma.

Today we are going to make Chane ki daal ka halwa. As much as it is fun to eat, it is also easy to make. If you want to make pudding in few ingredients, then definitely make it because you can prepare it in few ingredients. Knowing the easy method of making it, you can feel free to make Chana Dal Halwa at home. This pudding is as delicious as it tastes, it is also nutritious. ,Easy Tricks of Besan Halwa,

So let’s start making Chane ki daal ka halwa without delay. You follow the method of making it carefully. When a guest comes to the house or the family members feel like eating something sweet, then make gram dal pudding. Children, all the small and big members of the house will appreciate and like this pudding.

necessary ingredients

Chana dal 1 bowl
Desi Ghee 1 bowl
milk 3 bowls
sugar 1 bowl
Cardamom powder 1 tsp
Cashews 8-10 (chopped)
Almonds 8-10 (chopped)
for garnishing pistachios


To make Chana Dal Halwa, first clean the chana dal, then wash it thoroughly in water. Now keep the lentils soaked in a bowl for 4-5 hours. After the stipulated time, separate the water and put the lentils on a dry cloth and wipe it. Now put a spoon of ghee in a wok or pan and heat it. Now add lentils and roast it by stirring continuously with a spoon. Roast the lentils until the color of the lentils becomes light red. ,Make semolina pudding in 10 minutes,

When the lentils become light red in color, take out the lentils and after it cools down, put them in a mixer jar and grind them. Now put a bowl of ghee in a pan and heat it. Now add the ground lentils and roast them for 4-5 minutes while stirring with a spoon. Keep the flame of the gas medium only. Now add milk and cook by mixing it with a spoon. It has to be cooked till the grainy pudding is formed.

When it becomes granulated, add sugar and cardamom powder and mix it. After a while the pudding will start getting sticky. When the pudding is cooked well, then add chopped cashews and almonds and mix it. Now Chana Dal Halwa is ready to be served. Garnish it with pistachios and serve it hot to guests or family members. ,How to make Ghee-rich Moong Dal Halwa)