Bread Halwa Recipe || Bread ka Halwa Recipe in Hindi


Bread Halwa Recipe   Everyone likes to eat pudding. Today we are going to tell you all about the recipe of making bread pudding. You can also make bread pudding from fresh or stale bread. Bread Halwa is a famous dessert from Hyderabad, which is known as Bread Halwa in North India and Toss Ka …


Chicken Momos Recipe


Chicken Momos Recipe  we have brought Chicken Momos Recipe for you. Momos is a popular street food of India. Veg Momos Chicken Momos are very tasty like Veg Momos. It is also called Chicken Momo Chicken Momo. Whoever eats it once, he becomes crazy about it. And of course, chicken momos are very easy to …


Soan Papdi Recipe


Soan Papdi Recipe  we have brought Soan Papdi recipe for you. Soan papdi is such a sweet, which is very easy to make. Soan Papdi Sweet The special thing about Soan Papdi Sweet is that you can keep it and use it for a long time. It is liked by all children and adults. You …


Punjabi Kheer Recipe || Punjabi Kheer Recipe in Hindi

kheer recipe

Punjabi Kheer Recipe   Kheer is made on the occasion of festivals in India, Kheer is a popular dish which is considered very auspicious to eat in the month of Sawan. You can serve kheer either cold or hot. Rice kheer is liked by all adults and children. So let’s know how to make Punjabi …


Delicious Mango Kheer Recipe || Mango Kheer Recipe in Hindi

mango kheer

Mango Kheer Recipe   All of you must have eaten kheer, but mango kheer is very much liked by everyone in the house, from elders to children, it is very wonderful to eat cold kheer in the summer season. So let’s know the method of making Mango Kheer. Required Material || Ingredients for Mango kheer …


Chicken Manchurian Recipe


Chicken Manchurian Recipe  we have brought you Chicken Manchurian Recipe. Chicken Manchurian is a Chinese recipe. It is eaten as a snack. It is very tasty and adds color to a wedding or party. You can make Chicken Manchurian in two ways. Chicken Manchurian Dry Chicken Manchurian Dry and Chicken Manchurian Gravy as Chicken Manchurian …